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    1. Ofilm Pioneers Development of Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology in China
      Release time:2020-10-27

      Recently, Ofilm provided the first look at its breakthrough research and product development in UWB technology.

      UWB is a radio frequency technology enabling precise distance ranging, geo-locating and sensing. It has great potential to improve device performance and user experience in the smartphone, automotive, industrial, AR/VR and consumer IOT industries.

      Ofilm began its major initiative in UWB in 2019. It now has engineering teams working in sites both within China and internationally.

      Ofilm showcased its UWB design and integration capabilities in Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) as well as System in a Package (SiP) module development.

      △ Ofilm's UWB positioning tags

      Ofilm also revealed an early iteration of its in-house designed and developed UWB positioning tags.

      In all these product implementations, Ofilm makes uses of its own internally-developed intellectual property, including algorithms.

      Ofilm intends to be among the leading companies in China in UWB technology – including both design and manufacturing -- in years ahead. Its first products will be shipped to customers in 2021.

      Ofilm’s RF capabilities are also being utilized to create a new generation of products integrating UWB, Wifi and Bluetooth. This integration yields some significant performance improvements in ranging and geo-location.

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