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    1. R&D Initiatives
      Ofilm Research & Development

      Ofilm commits at least 5% of its annual revenues to its research and development efforts. The investment-- as well as the dedication and talent of our 5,000 researchers and engineers in Japan, North America, Europe and China – fuel the development of innovative solutions. ?With its expertise in optics, electronics, semiconductor packaging, sensor manufacturing and display technologies, Ofilm can play a valuable role in the development of new ideas and products to rethink the future.

      Our business today is driven by our leading-edge proprietary technologies. They are the wellspring of our global competitiveness and sustained high revenue growth.

      From a standing start not long ago, the smartphone industry has grown into one of the world’s largest, with annual revenues of over $400 billion. No other high-tech industry has a quicker pace of mass-scale change and innovation. Each model cycle brings new advances.

      Ofilm is at the center of much of this change, because of our market-leading role in manufacturing touchscreens, sensors and smartphone cameras. These grow in sophistication and performance year after year.

      To push ahead even faster with its R&D, Ofilm recently established a central R&D Institute overseen by our Chief Technology Officer. The Ofilm R&D Institute’s main location is in Nanchang, China. But, Ofilm researchers from across the globe contribute. Among the institute’s areas of interdisciplinary focus are optical zoom and periscopic lenses, new materials and display technologies, artificial intelligence to improve the performance of machine vision.

      As an adjunct, Ofilm also has advanced engineering and research laboratories with additional sector focuses important to Ofilm’s continued growth and product innovation. These include new methods of advanced automation, thin film coatings, and frontline research work on a growing number of sensing technologies including piezoeletronics, 3D structured light, ultrasound and infrared.

      A further important strand of our R&D effort is collaboration with leading universities as well as postdoctoral researchers. We are strong believers in the positive synergistic relationship between high-tech industry and academia. Since 2013 we’ve maintained an active postdoc training and internship program at our corporate locations.

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